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Monday 9th July 2012 - Sunday 15th July 2012 ~ Up the Hammers ?

No I haven't changed alllegiance - I still support NCFC. Apparently the 17 new buses - along with nearly 200 others for elsewhere - are parked up at West Ham of all places. Thanks to all who have been in touch and provided info.
Quiet times during the period under review. 37567 was out of action until Thursday for MOT work and on Saturday evening 37571 was stopped for the same purpose. No less than four turns had vehicle swaps on Monday, though I'm not sure why. All services resumed using the Churchill Road and either Wisbech Bypass or Weasenham Lane and the old route is not due to reopen now until 1st September.
On Monday afternoon, K1-XL07 15.15 King's Lynn - Peterborough passes Walpole with 37575 and a wave from Adrian. The NG Service 46 is in pursuit,
  Tuesday passed without any changes. Malcolm noted 37571 on K16-XL03 arriving 13 late and departing 7 down. Both 32651 and 32654 were noted on the 101s which is probably unprecedented. Incidentally Richard A says that the info regarding the transfer of ALX400s to Yarmouth was erroneous and this was never the intention. 34156 was on the 10.38 X2 to Norwich this morning.
On Wednesday 37563 expired at Blofield on L10-XL16 with a broken hose and consequent loss of coolant, 37571 was pinched off L12-XL18 and took over the turn, while L12 later continued from Lynn at 11.15 with 37573. Meanwhile, Rachel was not amused as she was waiting at Lowestoft for L12 to transport her to work on her first day in her new job. Fortunately she managed to get there on time by other means after the X1 failed to appear.
Des had a nightmare run to Peterborough with 37159 on Y9-XL15. "Tractor from Emneth bypass roundabout to Guyhirn, then followed a Tesco lorry to Thorney. Next was an 8 wheeled crane from Thorney to the A15 retail park, so an on time departure deteriorated to a 15 minute late arrival at Peterborough rail station. Departed 10 late then 6 late from Queensgate  and 4 late into and out of Lynn". 34156 was seen by Malcolm on the 10.38 X2 out of Lowestoft.
37563 was checked out at Lynn on Thursday and 37567 returned to traffic taking over K17-XL04 in the afternoon from 37579. I had a day out to Peterborough for beers with Peter, so was able to have a few short X1 runs before the main event, taking L12-XL18 on time with Karen F at the helm.
37570 about to leave Peterborough Rail station for Lowestoft at 12.35. The only indication that buses run from here is the old 'Railinks stop' sign.
The bus stop with no timetables - I assume it is the Council's responsibility to provide them ?

 During our session in the Brewery Tap, I nipped out to the nearby bus station to photograph K16-XL03 with 37576 and Mr. Speed driving (below). Talk about consciencous ? He was so busy concentrating on the road, he missed seeing me completely which I guess was a good thing.

37576 gets away from Peterborough Queensgate Bus Station on K16 -XL03 
We came back to Wisbech on 37573 on K2-XL08 which like almost all services seen was on time. In the morning four of the five B7s passed through Wisbech within an hour, these being 37157 on Y7-XL13, 37160 on L8-XL14, 37156 on Y9-XL15 and 37158 with L11-XL17. Of these the only black mark was 37157 running about 15 late, due almost entirely I think to the large number of passengers boarding at Wisbech heading eastbound. I had intended to have a fill in move with it, but it was so full, I didn't fancy fighting for a seat or missing 37570 on L12. At the eastern end , Malcolm reports X2 departures at 10.08 & 10.38 with 30887 & 32652 and 37159 11 late in on K18-XL05. By the time Des was driving 37159 from the Southgates at 17.07, it was on almost running to time, however, the schedule was lost eventually as the 30 minutes allocated from Norwich to Yarmouth is just not possible with a B7 and 5 minutes were lost on this section.
Friday saw K15 -XL02 with 37564 running 12 late at JPH after an accident on the Acle Straight and other services noted delayed at Lowestoft were 37574 departing 16 late on K16 -XL03 and 37567 10 late in on K17 - XL04. Town services were double deckers again with 32656 on the 101 and 34156 on the 103. The trials of 37564 were not over, it was further delayed at Lowestoft after some twirlies tried to board without paying - senior citizens free travel commences at 09.30 and K15-XL02 is due away at 09.25. A panto situation developed where the driver was the villain and by the time the awkward passengers gave up, it was after 09.30 anyway. Honestly some people are never happy ! Departure was 22 late from Norwich after reopening of the Acle Straight but futher delays en route. At Little Fransham this service became XL03-K16 and 37574 overtook to become K15-XL02 forward from Lynn. L8-XL14 had 37579 replace 37576 during the day.
K18-XL05 encountered trying conditions westbound from Lynn, 37156 left Lynn 5 late but heavy rain, a slow A47 crawl and queueing into Wisbech saw the bus into Peterborough bus station 16 late. Even though it departed just 2 late on the return by serving the rail station next, conditions made it 23 late at Southgates driver change. Similarly K1-XL07 18.02 Lynn - Yarmouth with 37578 departed 17 late and was 15 late at its destination.
Saturday saw 37571 sidelined for its MOT work and 37576 had a faulty adblue sensor, however, it was fit  to take over from 37573 on K1 at some point and another swap occurred with 37160 on K18-XL05 being replaced by 37569.
Sunday seemed a normal day although by evening two consecutive services were seen marginally early with traffic appearing to be very light.

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