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Saturday 29th - Monday 31st December 2012 ~ Goodbye 2012

A nice quiet end to 2012 with pretty much everything behaving. An errant pheasant managed to smash the destination screen on 37565 on Saturday. This resulted in the bus running empty from Norwich - Lowestoft and back to King's Lynn where 37567 took over the turn (K2-XL08) at 15.45. One other swap was on K4-XL10 when 37579 was removed at 19.30 for heavy cleaning and 37563 worked forward - this had already done a day's work on L9-XL15.
On Sunday services seemed to run very well to timetable, there was just one surprise with 37160 working Y8-XL08 instead of 37573. B7s are seldom used on Sundays and 37160 had to visit Vancouver Avenue for refuelling before departing on the 19.55 Southgates - Peterborough. 37569 & 37579 were stopped for deep cleaning today and mileage leader 37572 was also inactive as it required attention to its water pump. The half million miles mark is imminent for 572 and tonight it had almost completed 496,000 miles.
New Year's Eve saw 37572 back on the road working K19-XL06. 37158 was serviced during the morning and then took K15-XL02 this afternoon replacing 37563. Stopped today were 37579 (starter motor) and 37578 which is continuing with its brake modification, having not worked since 20th. The service mirrored Christmas Eve with an early shutdown today. Services ran well with only L11-XL17 appreciably late this morning having lost 17 minutes by the time it reached Wisbech with 37159.
37568 photographed by Kieran Smith
Time as usual to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with the unofficial X1 blog, our regular contributors, Des, Bruce, Malcolm, Cheryl, Peter and all the rest - oh, not forgetting Victor Meldrew's occasional rants. Your contributions are always valued and thanks too to Kieran Smith and Dave Hodkinson for keeping me supplied with photographs. On a personal note I'd like to thank Nigel Barratt and his team at First who have kindly issued me with another free pass - a most unexpected and appreciated gift. Thanks too to all the local team at King's Lynn for their help over the year and finally to the X1 drivers, most of whom seem more than happy to have a camera pointed in their direction from time to time. Hope you all have a Happy & Healthy 2013.  Gerard

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