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Sunday June 30th 2013 ~ Part Two !

Two blogs in a day, now that is going something ! There are further developments afoot it would seem.
One of the ex Ensign Enviro 400s may be on the way to King's Lynn (is it tacho fitted ?)  to enable the first of the B9 Geminis to depart for repainting. Nothing concrete yet, but I will be informed immediately if and when this happens. The vehicle concerned is likely to be SN60CAA.
The plans for reallocation of the existing fleet may have changed too, the latest prediction is that all the B9s will be shifted to Yarmouth and Lowestoft, while the B7s are supposed to be off to Newcastle-Under-Lyme for further use. Don't forget you read it here first - but only if it turns out to be true !!

1 comment:

Sam Larke said...

Hey Gerard! You might want to check to East norfolk Blog as it would appear SN60CAA has arrived at Caister Road!