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Wednesday January 8th 2014 ~ New Year Greetings

A little belated but here is the first blog of 2014. I haven't mentioned the loan Enviro from Yarmouth, 33423, for a while. In the event it has remained at King's Lynn much longer than anticipated, however, it is due to depart for Yarmouth in the next few days as it is due MOT there on 16th.
Two of the new Enviros have now sustained passenger side rear damage due to the limited clearances in Dereham Market Place. 33809 finally left Lynn for Full Circle on Monday and it looks like 33820 will be next. 33803/4/5/17/23/24 have all worked every day since 2nd, but 33810 had to have an adblue fault sorted on 2nd & 3rd and 33819 had an extended period off the road from 3rd to 6th and was due to have a wi-fi fault fixed. 33818 was due to be attended to by ADL staff today.
Less busy roads have meant the service has run pretty much to time every day so far. Early afternoon on Friday 3rd saw a few delays in and out of Lowestoft, 33821 was 17 late leaving on K4-XL10, K5-XL11 with 33812 then arrived and left on time before 33813 on K6-XL12 arrived 10 late, 33822 on Y7-XL13 was then 16 late and L8 came in 12 late with 33824. On Tuesday 7th 33813 was 18 late on L10 - XL16 06.50 Lowestoft - Peterborough but this was an isolated incident it would appear.
Malcolm noted the last of the Gemini repaints, 37571 in service on the X2 today. Grahame Bessey reports from Yarmouth that 34109 is now the last remaining W-CWX Volvo Olympian in traffic. The others (34108/10/11/12/13) are all listed in the reserve pool. Meanwhile 34186/7 remain in use on schools and contract work.

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