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Monday 12th May 2014 ~ Replacement Bus (es)

Just a quick newsflash to say that the hydraulic oil cooler problem which has kept 33814 off the road has now manifested itself on 33821 & 33822. These being the three 'spare' buses, it has meant 33423 has once again been called up and arrived from Great Yarmouth on Saturday. It went straight into action on Saturday afternoon taking over from 33811 on the 13.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough etc (K17-XL04).
 Today (Monday) 33423 is currently working K5- XL11 07.37 King's Lynn - Peterborough. 33816 was due to have MOT work started this week, but this may well be on hold until one of the trio is up and running again. Should there be another Enviro failure, it may be necessary to bring in further reinforcements until the situation is resolved.

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