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Tuesday 31st January - Friday February 3rd 2012 ~ Well Run

An accident, a coach and a few Gemini problems. It's been a reasonably eventful week, but those in charge coped admirably.

Tuesday January 31st

37577 was kept off the road with its interlock switch needing attention. It was out this evening though after 37574 came limping through the Southgates about 10 minutes late on Y6 19.10 from Peterborough. 574 had an adblue fault so it retired to the garage. 37563 and 37159 had safety services and were then spare. Timekeeping was good today.

Wednesday February 1st

After yesterday's problem, 37574 was investigated at King's Lynn today. 37575 joined it off the road as this one has had been cutting out intermittantly. K17 was in trouble today when 37576 was in a collision involving a lorry in Great Yarmouth. The bus was taken out of traffic and K17 continued with coach 20126 as the 10.25 from Lowestoft, believed to have started at Yarmouth. At King's Lynn it was hastily removed and replaced by 37563. The coach then went back light to the Norfolk Showground at Costessey where it swapped drivers with 37576 which was then driven back to Lynn for examination.
Two Presidents were noted on the X2 by Malcolm, 32210 was working the 13.40 from Norwich and earlier 32211 was on the 09.40 from the city.

Thursday February 2nd

There was no sign of 37576 at Lynn today, so I am assuming it may have gone away for repairs to its accident damage. Remedial work to 37575 continued and amongst other work, it had its tank flushed out. 37565 had a service and some outstanding repair work completed today. Fortunately all the other Geminis behaved and punctuality was good.

Friday February 3rd

The work on 37575 appeared to have been completed this evening, but still no sign of 37576. K17 changed 37571 for 37565 at some point today. 36180 did K15 every day this week apart from Wednesday when it did K5 after servicing. 40 copies of the EDP are being issued to morning buses apart from 36180 which does not have the necessary holder fitted.

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Julian Garwood said...

hey could find no contact me link but just to let you know that the coach 20115 was spotted at lowestoft bus station on the X1 stand at 18:03 today on the 06/02/2012
keep up the good work
Julian Garwood