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Wednesday 25th January - Monday 30th January 2012 ~ Bruce's Blog

Wednesday saw 37571 out on the Wisbech bypass / Elm High Road diversion . Photo : Rob Brooks.
Well as you have probably read, this blog is now relying more on you the readers for a few months, with me seeing very few X1 services. Thanks very much to Bruce who has worked very hard to give a complete report of each day so far. I have been further handicapped by a bout of the dreaded norovirus, which I picked up in hospital while visiting my Mum ! Anyway read on for the latest happenings - not that there is a great deal to get excited about !
Wednesday 25th : Reliability of the Geminis is exceptional and it was quite unusual today to find 37578 having a problem with its disabled ramp, it was working L11 and sat at Walpole Highway (due 13.06) from 13.10 until 13.26 while the fault was cured. A few services got behind schedule today and Bruce saw 37574 on K3 running 15 late and 37160 16 late on L10, both heading east at 09.20 and 12.52. The latter was changed at Lynn for 37573. There was also a swap later on K18 and 37159 came off for 37160 forward.
37157 comes off Elme Hall Roundabout and on to the Wisbech Bypass on 25th January. Thanks to Rob Brooks for the picture.

Thursday 26th : Bruce managed to view everything and only 37568, 37575 and 37158 were absent, the latter on MOT. No sign of 37156 returning to traffic yet, although Tony says the court case for the offending car driver is coming up soon.

Friday 27th : Michael Bryant reports three Palatines in use on the X2 today, 34155/6/8. One of those surreal moments for Bruce today when 37567 went eastbound on L8 at 11.35, only to reappear westbound on K19 at 15.04 ! 37158 had its MOT today and looks to have relieved 37572 on K1 after the B9 suffered a windscreen crack. What started out on K19 is a mystery and we don't get many of those these days.
Des says, thought you'd like to see the latest fitting to 37574. No newspapers as yet though.

Saturday 28th : 37572 & 37577 were both requiring new windows this morning, so were kept in along with 37569.  K17 had 36180 - the loanee had spent all week on K15, but today that turn had 37570. 37157 was in the garage with a puncture tonight, so it may not have completed L11. I have a suspicion that 37569 may have replaced it at lunchtime.

Sunday 29th : Feeling a bit better today, but still confined to the house. My lethargy was relieved by tuning in to the Southgates webcam at 40 minutes past the hour. Incoming services from the coast were on time except for a blip at lunchtime. L10 rolled up with 37578 at 12.56 (16 late) and K1 with 37576 at 13.45 (5 late). At both these times, traffic was exceptionally heavy and it was more like a weekday at 17.00.
The Iron Lady herself would probably be impressed that she is having such a long reign on the sides of our buses ! 36180 under gloomy skies on the Wisbech diversion. Photo : Rob Brooks
Monday 30th : Punctuality was pretty poor today. Bruce kept note of workings from King's Lynn westbound and almost all were 6 minutes late due to the Southgates driver change.  Exceptions were L8 with 37575 8 late, L10 with 37567 13 late and K15 with 36180 8 late (see below). Unusual was 37157 on K18 which bucked the trend by being just 3 minutes down. Earlier 37572 on K4 had passed through to Peterborough at 07.42 (8 late) returning at 09.49 (14 late). This evening it was just 2 late at 19.12 when dropping Mr. Robinson off : "Another bus with no heat" he said. The delays seemed to filter through to the eastern end too, Malcolm reports 36180 on K15 09.25 ex Lowestoft having a 25 minute late start and on the X2 32655 arrived 22 late on the 08.40 ex Norwich meaning it was already 16 late leaving on the 10.08 return.
Des says "I travelled on the 06.10 ex Yarmouth this morning which was 37568. There were about 15 copies of the EDP West Norfolk & Fens edition available to passengers".

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i did comment nearly 2 weeks ago that 34333 has left yarmouth and gone to colchester to work up there and it maybe that 20109 is now based at norwich