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Sunday 15th April - Tuesday 24th April 2012 ~ Blog Indigestion

With the London Road roadworks in King's Lynn finished, the X1 has reverted to its normal pattern and the period under review has been particularly quiet. Let's have a quick glance at the goings on.......

Sunday 15/4
All B9s today and nothing of note - well that was quick blog !

Monday 16/4
A lot of new adverts today for O2 and BT. 37570 replaced 37578 on K15 and 37157 was spare bus. Peter says "37575 on the 06.13 ex Wisbech to Peterborough this morning. We went via Wisbech bypass rather than Weasenham Lane, but it seems to depend on which driver you get". Malcolm saw Dart 42446 on the 13.38 X2 to Norwich, this turn is the regular one to get an odd bus.

Tuesday 17/4
37566/67/73 were all spare at Lynn today. Mid morning there was an incident. L10 due at Southgates in from Swaffham at 10.03 appeared at 10.36 and was later seen by Bruce 32 late at Terrington. L11 was close behind and was 37156 which was 13 late into Lynn but on time coming back from Peterborough when seen at Walton Highway. 37576 had made up all the lost time by the evening and peter reports it on the 19.50 Lynn - Peterborough as booked.

Wednesday 18/4
37567 was worked on by a Volvo engineer at King's Lynn today and 37574 was stopped there too. 37569 was under examination for an overheating problem. The shuttle bus was in attendance at Lynn in case it was needed for the next phase of roadworks, but this was not used and returned east.

Thursday 19/4
Tree cutting on the Pullover Road caused minor delays this morning. Jamie saw a B9 in a layby at Tilney this morning, but it turned out to be Colin taking a test run with one of today's stopped vehicles, 37567 & 37574.
37569 was taken off K5 this morning with 37568 going forward and later, a revived 37569 took K16 at 16.02 from Lynn to Lowestoft replacing 37158.

Friday 20/4
Grahame Bessey was on hand to capture 20102 departing from Lowestoft at 07.45 this morning.
and even Bruce got the camera out for the occasion - here she is approaching Hardwick.

At last some relief from the low floor monotony today. 37573 was unavailable at Lowestoft this morning and instead L12 07.45 to Peterborough left with 20102 - its first appearance since its transfer from Ipswich to Great Yarmouth.
Our photographers were on the ball as you can see and just as well as 102 was removed at Lynn on its return from Peterborough at 14.00 with a B9 working forward. 36567 & 37574 failed to appear yet again today.

Saturday 21/4
37563 at Norwich  Bus Station working L8 today. Photo : Kieran Smith

37564 was seen today without its T side advert which is quite rare these days. 37573 & 37158 were spare today and 37574 continued its holiday being prepared for an MOT next week. 20102 spent all day in Vancouver Avenue.
Now which one of these would you like to travel to Lowestoft on ?

Sunday 22/4
See last Sunday !!

Monday 23/4
37573 came out of Lowestoft this morning on L8 leaving 37565 spare over there, a rare event nowadays. 20102 was taken back from King's Lynn to Yarmouth  by a spare driver.
37159 had a test run to Tilney this afternoon and Andy James reports a problem with 37577 this afternoon - it was replaced  on K3 by 37160, however, it seems as if 37577 was given the Ok to work the 18.35 to Lowestoft (K2).
37157 had additional passengers on L11 16.55 ex Lowestoft today after a service 8 was spotted in distress in Gorleston with a back window smashed. A youth had let his fold up scooter escape causing the damage. Des was driving L11 and took all the stranded vehicles passengers running all stops to Yarmouth. Y13 was 35 late at Narborough tonight with 37564 after being delayed by an RTA near Dereham. A fresh vehicle was supplied by Lynn to work the 21.50 to Peterborough.

Tuesday 24/4
Our quick blog digest finshes with another ordinary day 37563 was spare at Lynn today and I'm not at all sure what 37577 did, but it has been temperamental the last few days after a very settled spell. The weather was very soggy today and 37159 splashed past Bruce 16 late on K5 this morning.

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