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Wednesday April 25th 2012 ~ Daily Blog

It is a long time since we had a daily blog, but I will try and do one when time permits. Today Bruce provided a full list of observations and of 26 services seen, 25 were late and one a minute early. Well that sounds pretty terrible, but in fact most were only up to 4 minutes behind time. The heaviest delayed bus was K4 08.35 from Peterborough with 37563 which was 15 late heading east. The previous service, K3 had been 10 late with 37575 and going the other way, Y7 due at 09.04 went sailing by at 09.15 with 37158. Things then improved until late afternoon when K1 15.15 from King's Lynn westbound passed by 12 late with 37567. The early bus was 37576 on K17 15.05 from Peterborough which went by a minute ahead of time. 37157 on L11 did well being 7 late going west but just a minute late coming back.
Y9 had a morning swap at Lynn with 37565 coming off and 37156 replacing it for the 09.45 to Peterborough.
37574 was still awaiting its MOT and 37578 was stopped for a new windscreen. Later 37572 was removed from L12 because its destination screen was blank and 37565 took over.

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