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Monday 22nd April 2013 ~ Future Predictions

37572 makes ready to depart King's Lynn for Peterborough. At the last count, this bus had travelled 530,000 miles. Photo copyright : Des Speed
37578 viewed from on high working XL19-Y13 on Wednesday 10th April. [Kieran Smith}

37579 takes a break at Lowestoft Gasworks Road after working the 09.00 from Wisbech on Sunday 14th April/ [Copyright Kieran Smith]
Not surprisingly with the scheduled replacement of the X1 Gemini fleet later this year, the rumour mill has been in full swing as to the destiny of the current fleet. The possible re-employment varies in location depending on which end of the route you hear it from ! The most feasible story so far can be found here :

Now I am too old in the tooth to believe that everything here will definitely come to fruition and I will update you further when I have more information. Thanks to Kieran for the link.

Are the Geminis heading into oblivion ? 37579 (again) working K4-XL10 08.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft in the rather nautical setting of Southtown Road in Great Yarmouth . Thanks to Joseph Leathers-Watson of the Norwich Bus Page for forwarding the picture which was taken today (Monday 22nd April).
Vehicle News :

37563. The doyen of the fleet has been active most of the week, but did have a couple of days off for servicing and attention to an adblue sensor problem.
37565. This bus has now worked for 22 consecutive days which is quite good for nowadays.
37569. After a period of light use,  this bus is scheduled to go to Volvo for an axle modification this week.
37570. Following the removal of the rear vinyl, this bus has been devoid of rear adverts, but it has now had a frame refitted and is identical to the other B9s.
37570 on Friday 12th April photographed by Kieran Smith, unusually having arrived from Peterborough on XL18-L12 with Norwich on the destination. It was soon changed to Lowestoft and the bus was on its way again. 

37573. This one had its MOT last week and was back on the road just a few hours afterwards on Thursday.
37576 had a problem at Swaffham on Friday morning while working XL13-Y7, 37569 was sent out to replace it, but 37576 was able to return to the diagram later.
37160 is still suffering from a noisy fan and 37157 also seems to be loud, but only on warm days !

Route News :
An accident at Narborough caused diversions for a time on Saturday, Malcolm saw XL15-L9 with 37569 arriving back in Lowestoft at 16.10 and heading back west 'not in service' at 16.20, it is due to depart at 15.55. Meanwhile, roadworks on routes into Peterborough have caused delays at peak times.

37565 departing from Lowestoft on the Sunday diagram to Martham having arrived on XL06 10.10 from Peterborough. [Copyright : Kieran Smith]

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