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Sunday 14th April 2013 ~ New Buses Timeline

The arrival of the new vehicles for the X1 has been unavoidably delayed I am sorry to report. New buses should begin to appear in late August/early September. The reasons for the delay are that stringent efforts are being made by 'First' to ensure that the new vehicles are suitable for the long distance route. Points of contention have been the quality/depth of the seats, the weight to speed ratio to guarantee running at 58mph and the internal lighting / layout arrangements. These were all finalised too late for the May/June build slots, but at least we know we will get something suitable when the buses begin to appear.
Vehicle news :
37571 : a fuel fault caused this bus to be out of action between 1st and 10th of April, but it is now back in service.
37577 : this one was taken off duty last Sunday (7th) and replaced by 37158, it then was unavailable early on Monday meaning that coach 20515 deputised on Y13 to Peterborough and back before 37577 was OK again.
37158 disgraced itself on Thursday when it failed at Thorney on K18/XL05 at around 15.10. 37576 worked the turn at 17.02 from Lynn to Lowestoft and 37158 had a pulley and belt replaced before it could be driven back to King's Lynn for further examination.
37160 expired on Friday with a data link fault and 37156 came out instead.

The appearance of 36180 on Friday 5th was an emergency substitution and 37572 was available again later to replace it.

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