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Sunday 1st August 2010 ~ Changes Afoot

37578 working the 10.48 Lowestoft - Peterborough was on time this afternoon. Following a minor collision earlier this year, it now has a smaller than normal fleet number on the front.

... and this on a Sunday too ! P767 XHS accelerates out of Walpole Highway in some very hazy sunshine this afternoon.

As I mentioned in Saturday's blog, 37571 is due to return to service soon. Jim Long and Rob Brooks both report it as being sighted at Fleetwood Dock today. On arrival at King's Lynn it will need to have an MOT, but once this is completed it will re-enter service and I am told by the man who knows these things that 37562 should then be returned to Volvo.
This begs the question, will 571 be rostered to work K17 every day and more importantly, will Bruce get the video camera out to record the passing of 562 !

Whilst mentioning Bruce, I'm sure you will all join me in wishing him well as he has had to undergo some hospital treatment this week.

Today was quite interesting for a Sunday for a change. Great Yarmouth produced 20127 for the 09.30 to Peterborough in preference to 37566 which should have been available.

Mid afternoon observations at Walton Highway saw 37576 (doing slightly better than yesterday) only 18 late on the 11.48 from Peterborough and passing 37570 going the other way 20 late on the 14.10 from Peterborough. 37570 had been required at King's Lynn for servicing last night, but Y6 meant it went through to Lowestoft instead. No surprise then that it was removed from the 14.10 at Lynn this afternoon and replaced by another B9.

One thing I can clear up from a couple of weeks back is regarding the ownership of former X1 coach 20114. This did indeed appear at Showbus 2009 owned by Rambler, but passed to Farleigh in April, regaining N614APU as its registration then. Thanks to Rob Brooks for the information. Jamie Vendy has put together a gallery of former X1 coaches at :

and for those of you interested in things further afield, I am currently uploading my pictures of Lothian buses I saw in Edinburgh during my recent visit. I will be adding the 'First' bus pictures soon too and there are some pretty old vehicles operating there - even by our standards.

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