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Sunday August 8th 2010 ~ Day Trippers

37160 heads for Lowestoft this morning on the well loaded 08.50 from Peterborough.
Running 22 minutes behind schedule, 37572 on the 08.30 Great Yarmouth - Peterborough approaches Walpole Highway this morning.

37156 & 37157 enjoying a day off at Vancouver Avenue today. An idea of the mileages now being accumulated by these vehicles can be gauged by the fact that 37157 had run just 30 miles short of 2,000 this week alone.
I mentioned briefly in Saturday's blog that 20121 was to be used on a private excursion today and in fact both this and visiting Paragon 20514 were utilised, it being the 'First' King's Lynn annual outing. Not sure of the destination this year, but both coaches returned OK late in the evening.
Something else I forgot to mention in yesterday's excitement was the cancellation of the 19.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough (Y10). 37575 arrived from Lowestoft on time, but was then parked in the middle at Lynn bus station because of a shortage of drivers. The waiting passengers and a sizeable number there were too, then had to wait an hour for Y13, the 20.50 departure which was due to be 37157, however, this didn't go through either and 37575 was restarted to take Y13 forward.
I began to think similar circumstances had caused the cancellation of the 10.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough today (08.30 ex Yarmouth), but it eventually arrived at Walpole Highway 22 minutes late with 37572. On its return the driver had managed to reduce the delay to 13 minutes. All five B7 Geminis were at Lynn overnight, but only one found itself on the X1 today, this being 37160 which did the 08.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough and 10.10 thence to Lowestoft. Upon arrival it went light to Yarmouth as booked. Only two Lowestoft B9s appeared today, these being 37563 & 37567 and the other 8 turns were all Lynn buses.

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