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Tuesday August 10th 2010 ~ Yes It's All Low Floor !

OMG, Des has been experimenting and here is 37568 in panoramic mode, Check out this url for the full size montage :

One of those days that management dream of occurred today, that's right, an entirely Gemini operated service. Not a B10M in sight and definitely no Royale - has anyone seen 34108 in the last few weeks ? More frustrating for some was the steadfast refusal of 20514 to appear !!

It wasn't all without incident however, as if the X1 ever is. Early evening was a mess with K3 which had started the day with 37577, appearing 25 late at Walpole with 37159. There was then no sign of K4 and passengers had to hang on for 37160 on K5.
This was explained by 37563 on K4 being swapped at Lowestoft for 37156, and I admit I assumed, (wrongly in fact), that it had lost time hand over fist as B7s are prone to do being still limited to 50mph. In fact 37156 arrived near enough on time, but on arrival at Lynn, it was taken off K4 and sent out to Hunstanton, all because 30900 (I think it was) had suffered from diff collapse and had to be towed in. K4 resumed at 19.35 from Lynn to Lowestoft with 37574 which had just come in on the terminating Y9. It is possible that the driver shortage was the reason for K4 not running west of Lynn.
Rob Brooks was out again today and reports as follows :
37572 Y13 1218 Wisbech - Peterborough d1226 (via Churchill Road... booo)
37158 L10 1226 Wisbech - Lowestoft a1234 d1235
37578 K14 1248 Wisbech - Peterborough a1246
37565 K2 1545 Lynn - Peterborough a1535
37569 K16 1602 Lynn - Lowestoft a1553 d1602
37159 K3 1615 Lynn - Peterborough a1632
37576 K17 1632 Lynn - Lowestoft a1633
37156 K4 terminating arriving Lynn 1638

As I mentioned, K3 began with 37577, but this was taken off as it needs an MOT and I think had gone for a chassis wash this evening.

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