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Sunday September 26th 2010 ~ Not The X1 Blog

Is it me or are NG drivers getting younger these days ? 
A Showbus blog actually for a change. Thanks to our friends at Norfolk Green, Bruce & myself were invited to join them on their bus to Duxford. In torrential rain we met up with Alex at Millfleet this morning and dead on time at 08.20 we set off for the show. Thanks to Colin and Alex for driving and we enjoyed a very comfortable journey on one of the ex Park and Ride vehicles, no. 121. It was nice to meet up with many of the X1 blog regulars at Showbus and despite the weather which did relent for 90 minutes or so to enable some photographs to be taken before closing in once more. Congrats to the Yarmouth brigade who I'm told won 'best in show' in the 'First' category for 32212.
The scene at Yarmouth depot this morning with various Elephants in hiding and dear old 20115. DS
Well I did say we'd been getting a lot of visitors to the blog, so here's something to frighten them away. Yes, Des insisted on taking this picture of Bruce and myself. So now you know who to avoid at bus events !

While we were all away getting a soaking at Duxford, the X1 was worked by B9s 37563/7/8/9, 37572/3/4/5/6/7. Rob H had previously mentioned to me that he now passes a B9 'not in service' heading west from Lynn at 08.35 and this is the bus which works the 09.00 Wisbech to Lowestoft. The 06.50 Lynn to Peterborough and back to Wisbech having been curtailed some time ago, but not previously reported on the blog. Tut tut. 37568 was the bus on this turn today says Rob and he also spotted 37159 earning its keep on the Hunstanton route.

34108 on Saturday afternoon before the rains came !

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