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Tuesday September 7th 2010 ~ As Good As It Gets

A good day for travelling on the X1 it would seem, with no known diagram swaps and only the Beast on K14 preventing an all low floor service. In fact 37565 - 37579 inclusive were in use and it's a while since that happened. 37563 did not emerge from Lowestoft and 37564 is still absent. 37156 was serviced at Lowestoft today and 37158 remained on King's Lynn locals.
L11 with 37567 was 15 late going to Peterborough at lunchtime and 37571 on K17 passed Bruce 14 late, otherwise timekeeping was good. 37576 on K19 16.05 from Peterborough caused a stir by taking the normal route and then traversing Wisbech Town Bridge into Old Market and then via Freedom Bridge which involves a few tight clearances.
Next blog will be on Friday.

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