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Monday 18th June - Sunday 24th June 2012 ~ Peterborough Rail station reconnected

Yes Peterborough railway station resumed its status as the western starting and terminating point for the X1 service today (Monday) although some work is still ongoing outside the station. The day itself passed without incident it would seem. The three sidelined buses were 37563 still awaiting tests, 37565 with an adblue fault and 37577 undergoing maintenance. Over at Lowestoft Malcolm Hicks viewed 34111on the 10.08 X2 to Norwich after the incoming vehicle from Norwich failed to appear, 32651 was on the 10.38 and has a very noisy fan, so this complaint is not restricted to certain Geminis.
Tuesday saw the same three buses off the road with 37563 now awaiting a new ECU. 37566 with Des on 11.02 King's Lynn to Lowestoft was 7 late from Lynn after tree cutting caused delays on the A47 Pullover Road, he then regained the lost time and caught up and overtook the bus in front at Dereham (37159 on K5). At Norwich K5 transferred its passengers to Y6 and 37159 went light direct to Lowestoft to form the 13.55 back to Peterborough. Malcolm saw 30889 on Lowestoft town service 101 and 37158 was 8 late arriving on K18.
So to Wednesday and this really has been an uneventful week X1 wise, 37565 returned to traffic on K19 and 37160 had a day off for maintenance instead. 30889 was still on the 101 this morning but 32654 had replaced it this afternoon. 37568 on K1 was seen departing Norwich eastbound at 10.20 on time but full and with about 35 passengers left behind. Thursday marked the return to service of 37563 on K2 and 37577 was also back on K1. Y13 swapped vehicles at some stage, beginning the day with 37576 and ending it with 37574. 30887 was the 101. The new arrangement at Peterborough rail station is reported as being very tight and the kerb seems to be suffering !
The 21.35 King's Lynn to Lowestoft (37579) passes 37571 arriving as the 18.48 Lowestoft - Peterborough on the longest day of the year. [Southgates Webcam]
Friday 22nd saw an early morning emergency move. 37573 expired at Acle on Y13 with a suspected ECU fault and Richard T dashed over with 37157 as replacement so that the service could continue. 37571 then took Y13 forward from Lynn. 37563 was in the wars again losing its T side advert board while working L8 tonight - high winds are thought to be the reason. 37579 worked L8 forward to Lowestoft at 21.35. Marcus reports seeing old X1 regular Scania 65577 working westbound this morning at Thorney - it was en route from Norwich to Northampton.
37578 arrives in Wisbech with K4 11.55 Lowestoft - Peterborough on Saturday.
Incredibly Saturday saw 37563 in trouble again on K19 - this time it sustained some slight side damage and was replaced by 37158. 37568 was taken off K4 for work on its MOT to commence  and it was replaced by 37578. 37156 arrived in Lowestoft 13 late on K1 and was 4 late departing as the 11.55 to Peterborough. The rarest sight on Sunday was that of 37159 on the 11.20 Lowestoft - Norwich X2 - a long time since we have had a report of a Gemini on this service. Malcolm also saw another 'off route' Gemini, 36180 which was sharing airshow park and ride duties with 32209 and 32655.

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