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Sunday June 3rd - Tuesday June 12th 2012 ~ The Holiday Season

Three days of Sunday timetable commenced on 3rd with the next two days being the Jubilee Bank Holiday. I was away from 8th - 12th so am trying to make some sense out of your reports and sightings for which many thanks.
During the Sunday service days there were a couple of incidents. Firstly on Sunday 3rd, 37568 was taken off its duty because of a fault with its security cameras and 37157 took over commencing with the 17.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough. Later in the evening, K1 had 37570 swapped for 37573, the latter working the 19.48 ex Lowestoft back to Lynn.
Monday 4th saw a very unusual incident - a breakdown. Instances of X1 buses becoming marooned are extremely rare, but the 12.19 from Peterborough had this misfortune with 37576 coming to a halt at Walton Highway with a failed water pump. The powers that be were on the spot very promptly and the service was able to continue with 37578 just 28 minutes late. The problems with 37576 continued as no sooner had the pump been replaced then its starter motor gave up, eventually the bus was able to return to Lynn garage under its own steam after nearly six hours had elapsed. Holiday traffic delayed a few services today such as 37577 on the 13.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough which was 23 late passing Bruce at Walpole Highway.
The failure of 37576 was soon forgotten on Tuesday when it was out all day without any problems. Wednesday 6th saw a return to normal weekday service with one swap reported, 37577 being changed for 37563 on K14. Many services ran late, presumably because of the heavier than normal traffic. 37157 on L11 was just about the worst affected being 28 late returning through Walpole just after half past one.
Kieran Smith says "Thought I'd send you some more pix for the blog - here is 37563 in Norwich with Y13 08.15 Lowestoft - Peterborough 7/6/12". Nice picture Kieran and isn't that Des Speed in the driving seat ?

X1 driver John Frangou is also used to appearing in the X1 blog ! Here he is at the helm of 37570 on K19 07.21 Wisbech - Lowestoft. Photo : Kieran Smith
Reminding us of old times, here is 20102 on an X1 short to Great Yarmouth [K.Smith]

 On Thursday 7th K3 had 37571 replaced by 37157 and it is believed that K18 began with 37575 and ended up with 37160, all to facilitate maintenance commitments.
Friday saw 37566 stopped for a start on its MOT prep and 37570 came off K14 for 37575. K16 with 37157 was seen heading down the Wisbech bypass 'not in service' at 16.09, so running approx 43 minutes late. Palatine 34155 worked the 14.38 X2 on Saturday and regular appearances by the type continue.
Y10 11.44 Peterborough - Lowestoft at Norwich this Saturday afternoon with B7 Gemini 37158, one of several X1 buses currently advertising courses at the College of West Anglia. Photo : Kieran Smith

Observations for Saturday & Sunday are not 100% complete, but Monday seems to have passed without any changes, 37563/66/70 being the three buses rested. Both 30886/9 were seen on the X2 by Malcolm Hicks. Roadworks in Wisbech - yes more ! - saw the Horsefair roundabout reduced to a single line for road painting, resulting in long queues today.
Tuesday 12th saw 37563 have another day off due to 'loss of power' and 37571 started the day on K5, but then went into Vancouver Avenue for a windscreen replacement with 37157 working the 10.32 to Lowestoft instead. Later on, 37571 was back on the road replacing 37572 on K15. There were delays on both X routes into Lowestoft today, Malcolm saw 32656 on the 10.08 Norwich bound X2 departing 11 late and this afternoon 30889 on the 15.03 service was 14 late leaving with 37564 on L8 also 14 late arriving.

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