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X1 Bus Diagrams & Codes

Several people have asked me lately again about the code numbers I use to identify the 19 different bus turns used on the X1. Basically they are very similar to the official codes which are numbered XL01 - XL19, but the advantage of mine is that the prefix letter denotes the depot where a diagram has begun the day, K for King's Lynn, L for Lowestoft and Y for Great Yarmouth.
XL01 - XL06 are my K14 - K19 and XL07 - XL19 are K1 - Y13 in my system. There are also drivers diagrams (numbered 7101 upwards) which differ from the bus turns, as these allow for breaks and changeovers. Generally speaking the King's Lynn to Peterborough section is worked by King's Lynn drivers except Y9, K16 and K18 which are operated by Yarmouth and a solitary turn for a Lowestoft driver to Peterborough on K14. The weekday service uses approximately 37 drivers from the three depots excluding the short turns at the eastern end.
Here is a rather psychadelic version of the long distance weekday diagrams with the short turns omitted.

The weekday turns have remained largely unchanged since 2009, although L8 and L10 now start at Lowestoft instead of running light to the James Paget Hospital. The colours indicate which depot a vehicle is garaged at.
The longest drivers diagram at just under 12 hours including breaks does K18 from Lynn to Lowestoft, K1 Lowestoft - Lynn, K3 Lynn - Peterborough and then back to Lynn. 

The Saturday turns are a little different and L12 is just an out and back from Lowestoft and the bus then does 17.25 Lowestoft - Yarmouth X1 short. There are other subtle differences with K1 starting at Wisbech and at the end of the day diagrams change to account for L12 not returning to Lynn. 

So to complete the diagrams here are Sundays - much simpler of course and only requiring ten buses instead of nineteen. All turns west of Lynn are operated by their drivers except K2 14.50 departure which is part of a very long turn for a Lowestoft driver. Yarmouth have no turns on the western section on Sundays. Twenty drivers are required to work the Sunday service which also applies on Bank Holiday excepting Dec25/26 and Jan 1.

Sorry that you need a magnifier for that one !

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