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Friday 1st July 2011 ~ Volvo Visits

Ominous skies this afternoon at Lowestoft with 37565, 34111 (17.25 X1 to Yarmouth only) and 37574. Photo : Des Speed
One thing that I failed to spot during yesterday's havoc, was that 37575 had disappeared to Volvo for the gearbox modification which seems to be being applied to all the B9s. As I said, 37156 was the bus which returned from Volvo at Norwich after attention to its starter motor.
20352 remains the only exception to a total low floor X1 experience and it did K3 as usuaal today. With the entire fleet now being maintained at King's Lynn, maintenance swaps are virtually a daily occurrence.
Des photographed the swap described below which took place at King's Lynn this lunchtime

Today Des expected to have 37566 on L10 13.02 Lynn - Lowestoft, but 37567 replaced it. The latter had come over on Y6 and been replaced for the 11.02 eastbound by 37156. Later K14 with 37571 was taken off at 3pm for 37566 to work at 15.02 to Lowestoft.37578 was serviced first thing before operating K4 and 37571 was taken off for examination this afternoon.

37565 departs Lowestoft on the 17.10 X2 this evening. Photo : Des Speed

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