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Thursday 28th July 2011 ~ Profile on the Prowl

Whether it was coincidental or not, I am unsure, but today Lowestoft sent out four Geminis on the X1 and retained 20352 as the spare bus. This was the cue to use it on something unusual of course and Grahame Bessey says "Look what I saw in Lowestoft at 07.45 this morning while on the way to work":
Grahame says "Not sure if it had worked this service, as it left shortly afterwards with 'not in service' on the front "
Syd says "I saw 20352  working the X2 at 1338 and 1648 Ex Lowestoft, the latter with James driving. Back in town on my way home I also watched 66126 depart on the 1725 X1 short to Gt Yarmouth. The reason 20352 had operated the 1338 X2 was to position it for a swop with L11 at 1655, relieving 37159.
B7 32208 had in the meantime broken down and was being towed in, so it was planned to use 37159 on the 1648 X2.   20352 was duly exchanged and the X1 driver screened it up but could not get the doors to work! After a little poking around they still didnt work, so 37159 was reinstated and loaded up. James was the driver for the 1648 X2 and was asked to take 20352 to Gasworks Road for attention and return with a Dart SLF for the X2, which would by now be late departing. James decided to first further investigate the problem himself and discovered the exterior door handle was sticking. On releasing it, the doors worked perfectly and as time was now getting on, a late swop back to X1 wasn't an option, so off it went to Norwich on the X2. It makes a bit more sense when you know the story doesnt it?  It also shows very well the intricate details behind bus operation". Excellent stuff Syd.
...and here she is photographed by James after arrival back at Lowestoft depot.
Well, what excitement in the East, but what of elsewhere ? 37577 didn't return to service today and was kept in for checks at King's Lynn. Keeping it company was 37569 which required a new window fitting. 37576 worked L10 19.50 Lynn to Peterborough tonight, having earlier arrived on K3, the incoming Gemini retiring to the garage. K14 which normally finishes at Lowestoft had 37564 and this was called upon to do the last leg of K15 back to Lynn after 37565 was deemed unfit.
Not sure about punctuality today, as I was not at work. There may also be a delay to subsequent blog entries due to family reasons, but I will keep you all posted.

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