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Tuesday 5th July 2011 ~ The Full Schedule

37563 changes driver at King's Lynn South Gates this afternoon. DS
Back to work today and with Bruce sunning himself in Cos for a fortnight, it's up to me to provide a log of events. services seen from work today were :

K4 37564 1 late on 09.18 to Peterborough
K5 37570 6 late
Y6 37576 2 late
Y7 37569 RT / 3 late
L8 37578 RT / 2 late
Y9 37156 5 late / 9 late
L10 37158 2 late / 4  late
L11 37159 2 late / 6 late
L12 37160 6 late to P'bo
Y13 37563 1 late to P'bo
K14 37157 17 late / 16 late
K15 37574 4 late / 3 late
K16  37566 RT from P'bo
K17 37567 7 late / 8 late
K18 37568 RT / RT
K19 37573 8 late to P'bo
K1 37575 RT to P'bo
K2 37565 5 late to P'bo
K3 20352 2 late on 16.48 to Peterborough.

Daytime changes to the above involved K5, Y9, and L10. K5 had 37572 forward from Lynn to Lowestoft at 10.32, Y9 saw 37156 overheating yet again and 37158 ended up on this. L10 which had started with 37158 somehow then became 37570 (the bus taken off K5).
Bruce would be proud of all that I'm sure and yes, 37568 really was on time in both directions !

Des had an eventful day and 37574 which had been the victim of passenger illness on Saturday night was in trouble again : " I had 37574 on the 09.25 ex Lowestoft as far as Lynn, we departed on time, but at Lowetsoft Tesco, a passenger told me that there was a soiled upstairs front seat. The seat pad was wet. I decided that the best course of action was to arrange for Yarmouth garage to bring out a plastic seat cover and then inform King's Lynn to change the pad at 12.45. Making phone calls and telling all boarding passengers not to sit on the soiled front seat takes time. This is a very busy bus as it is the first bus from Lowestoft Tesco to Yarmouth that OAP's can use their Bus Pass on! When I got to Yarmouth there were approx another 40 passengers and no plastic seat cover. Another slow load as all passengers had to be told about the soiled seat. Another call to Yarmouth garage revealed that the person who had brought out the plastic seat cover was waiting outside the X1 stop to Lowestoft !! Soiled seat covered and away from Yarmouth15 late (10.27). Arrive Lynn 9 late (12.46) - this then formed the 12.45 departure to Peterborough 6 late (12.51). 
37568 should have finished at Yarmouth tonight, but here it is ready to work K19 back to Lynn. Photo by Des.

The journey back with 37568 on K18 at 17.02 to Yarmouth passed without incident. I spotted  60813 Norwich side of Acle,  destination Peterborough which was L12 running approx 13 late - 37160 had left Lowestoft at 17.48, developed a broken indicator stem and 60813 was taken to Yarmouth for 18.30 as the replacement. (A debut on the mainstream X1 I reckon).
37568 off K18 was turned around at Yarmouth and taken to replace K19 19.55 Yarmouth to Lowestoft because of Ticket machine problems on 37573. The engineer has no access to spare ticket machines. 37568 worked K19 back to Lynn as a result".
20352 after arrival at Peterborough rail station on K3 this morning. Photo by Peter

Peter says "Blondie and The White Beast, sounds like a new children's book doesn't it ? In fact it was the combination of driver and bus on the 07.13 Wisbech to Peterborough this morning, what more could you ask for ? Well same again on Thursday please when I'm off travelling again". He adds "Only 5 late arrival at P'boro rail station in spite of heavy traffic into the city (I still think it's quicker via Bourges Boulevard though, rather than going via Frank Perkins Parkway!!) - enabling me to catch train to York, then train to Malton, bus to Pickering, NYMR to Whitby, bus to Scarborough, train to York, another to Peterborough then X1 home. Driver on the 20.10 back from Peterborough was extremely good. Very steady round the roundabouts and bends - the most comfortable journey on the top deck for ages and he made light work of overtaking a stubbornly slow moving lorry on the Thorney straight - see picture".

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