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Thursday July 7th 2011 ~ Windows Again !

It's been quite a couple of days for smashed windows. Today's casualty was loan coach 20352 which seems to have come to grief early on whilst working K3. It was seen passing my vantage point at 08.52, so just a couple of minutes late, but on arrival at Lynn was taken out of traffic with damage to the front passenger side window and scrolling destination panel. Now with 37573/4/6 all seemingly spare at Lynn, or at least receiving safety services or glass replacement, you could reasonably imagine that one would be fit to do the 09.32 to Lowestoft instead of 20352. Wrong ! Instead 37570 on Y9 was diverted to do K3 back to Lowestoft while the 09.45 to Peterborough was cancelled.
 In circumstances like this, it is always the Peterborough service which suffers and the eastbound one continues with whatever is available.
The reasoning seems to be that by the time the two and a half hours has elapsed to get to Peterborough and back, something will have been resurrected to work forward eastbound ! This was why the Scanias and coaches often did a Peterborough fill in, in days gone by. Today 37573 was ready to work Y9 at 12.32, while 37576 replaced 37157 on L11.
Timekeeping was patchy today too, 37575 on L10 was 12 x 11 late passing me, L12 8 late westbound with 37572 and Y13 11 late to Peterborough. One bit of good news concerned 37156 which after a road test was deemed fit to work K18.

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