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Wednesday 20th July 2011 ~ Give That Driver A Bonus !

37568 and friend at King's Lynn for MOT
A remarkable day for punctuality with 20352 returning home on Y9 being six minutes late and K15 with 37569 8 late, apart from these it was all pretty good. Rob Brooks reports a spell of observation at Wisbech as follows :
37159 L11 1256 to Lowestoft  d1257
37569 K15 1318 to Peterborough a1323 d1326
37570 L12 1326 to Lowestoft a1329 d1333
37158 K16 1348 to Peterborough a1348 d1351
37565 Y13 1356 to Lowestoft a1355 d1357
37571 K17 1418 to Peterborough a1418 d1420
There was a hiccup this afternoon though, when the 16.18 Wisbech to Peterborough (K2) failed to run. 37573 following was on time on K3, so I was a bit puzzled.
Peter explains "Firstly can I say what a pleasant fresh smelling vehicle 37573 was today, I travelled with it on the 07.18 Wisbech to Peterborough and it was back to meet me tonight on the 17.40 return with a very polite driver ". Peter continues " Now I said he was very polite, but also very customer friendly too as on arrival at Queensgate he left his seat and announced to all the passengers : 'I'm sorry that the previous bus didn't run, this was because a lady passenger was taken ill and the bus had to be cancelled'. Now that's what I call customer service. In addition we took a diversion via Eye village to avoid queueing traffic".
Cheryl was commisioned to watch out for the missing K2 and says "It was 37576, seen leaving Wisbech on time at 18.00 to Lowestoft". This presumably means it was either cancelled on the outward at Wisbech or it had run empty from Lynn to take up its scheduled duty.
37579 was spare at Lowestoft today, but didn't appear on an X2 as far as we know. A new advert for the latest Harry Potter epic appeared on a few B9s today.

37574 catches some late sunshine as it arrives at Wisbech to work the 20.22 to Peterborough tonight (L10).

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