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Thursday July 14th 2011 ~ Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

......isn't that what they say ? Try telling that to the hoard of passengers waiting at Wisbech for Y9 10.18 to Peterborough this morning. Noticeable by its absence, passengers had to hang around for the 10.48 with - well I guess 37159 was actually Y9 running 30 minutes late , whatever it was wedged to the seams of course. L10 should have been 37579 but this didn't run west of Lynn and next up was L11 with 37565, 3 late. L12 was delayed and went through 14 late with 37567. Somewhere in the scheme of things 37569 on Y13 swapped turns with K14 (37158).
Y9 restarted from Lynn with  37579 at 12.32 and 37159 remained on L10 being 3 late back from Peterborough. Earlier, 37563 had been required at Volvo, so it came off L8 at Lynn for 37568 forward, The afternoon ran better with 37576 (fresh off Mot and having replaced 37571 at Lynn ) on K17 and unusually K19 running with coach 20352.
K3, the coaches normal duty was 37578, seen 6 late in the morning, but on time this afternoon. 37572 was spare at Lowestoft today, but was not reported on the X2.

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