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Wednesday July 6th 2011 ~ Problems 2 , Spare Buses 0

By all accounts the new arrangements at King's Lynn seem to be working, despite some initial problems with the Southgates change over of drivers. Today though the lack of spare buses saw gaps in the service on the western section.
Westbound, 37564 on Y7 was a minute before time from Wisbech on Y7 at 09.17, but L8 then failed to appear and the next service to Peterborough was Y9, which was packed and passed me 9 late at 10.29 with 37578. The same thing happened at lunchtime when after 37573 on Y13 12.18 to Peterborough, passengers had an hour wait until the 13.18 (K15) with 37568. What happened to K14 is unclear, but it had started the day with substitute bus 60813 (see yesterday's entry) and I've concoted a theory set out below.
You had to be about early to get a snap of 60813 deputising on K14, Des did just that and captured it at Norwich awaiting departure as the 07.20 to Lowestoft this morning. 37160 replaced it at Yarmouth before it could return west.

Des explains the L8 mystery : "I was a passenger on L8 with 37579 as I was having a day out in London and travelled by train from King's Lynn, all was going well until a stone strike at Swaffham Mc Donalds.

A call at Vancouver Avenue garage for inspection saw the decision made to take 579 out of traffic on arrival at the bus station. This meant the 09.15 to Peterborough didn't run".
 With 37579 receiving attention to the smashed window, the decision was made to sacrifice 37160 on K14 (it having replaced 60813 at Yarmouth) for the 12.15 Peterborough and instead this returned east as the 12.02 to Lowestoft (L8). K14 resumed at 15.02 with a freshly reglazed 37579.
The vehicle shortage was caused by 37571 having work done at Volvo (looks like it was completed this afternoon) and 37156 being out of traffic for investigation into its recent overheating.
20352 did K3 but otherwise another low floor day. Tonight another incident saw 37576 on L12 taken off the road at Lynn with a smashed destination screen glass with 37565 off L11 working the 20.50 to Peterborough 10 late.
Apart from the service gaps, timekeeping today was pretty good, exception being 37568 on K15 which lost time being 1 late westbound , but 14 late returning from Peterborough.

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