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Wednesday 29th June 2011 ~ Time For Action

With an increasing number of failures attributable to the B7s, today 37160 returned from repairs at Volvo and 37156 was then sent the other way. Both have had problems with their starter motors.
37157 was the spare bus seen by Malcolm at Lowestoft which brought the number of B7s on the route today down to just two, these being 37158 on K16 and 37159 on K18. Fortunately all the B9s were available except the absent 37577 and standing in was usual was 20352 which did L11 after an overnight at Lowestoft.
There appears to have been only one break of diagram (I nearly said serve there !) and this was K15 with 37568 which returned to Lynn tonight with 37564 off K14.

Des was able to take this picture of 37565 calling at the RN Showground today while working K3 08.05 from Peterborough.
The first day of this year's Royal Norfolk Show seemed to pass without any major delays.
 At Lowestoft,  Malcolm says "42447 worked the 1438 X2 service to Norwich, 37576 worked Y7 & 37575 worked L8. 66168 worked the 1503 X2 service to Norwich departing 8 minutes late.  60808 should have worked the 1510 service to Martham but there was a problem of some sort and it was still in the bus station when I came home".
What's this ? A new Gemini on the X1 - well no actually, but a photograph opportunity that came Grahame Bessey's way today while out in Norwich. The new Gemini 2s are for city work only. 36167 is seen here at Norwich station.

and here is another of Grahame's captures with 36169 at St. Stephens en route to the showground.

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