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Sunday July 3rd 2011 ~ A Busy Schedule

Malcolm says " Sorry for the lack of reports over the last couple of days, my daughter Louise was 21 today and as you can imagine, I have been rather busy as a result". Malcolm still had time for an X1 report though : "37573 was in Lowestoft bus station this morning off K1 and 37579 arrived working K2.
At lunchtime I saw 37567 leaving Norwich working K5 to Lowestoft, while back in Lowestoft 37566 was arriving on Y8".
A rather unusual panorama of Caister Road at first light this morning . {DS}
Thanks for that Malcolm. Des adds "My turn today involved 37563 as the 07.30 (Y7) Yarmouth to Peterborough as far as Lynn then 37567 on the 10.35 Lynn to Lowestoft (K5 09.10 ex Peterborough).
Despite 37563 having been in service since day one of Gemini operation, it has only mustered 292908 miles, whereas 37567 has become the first ex Lowestoft example to pass the 300 mile mark. It has now done 303700 miles.
The other vehicles used on today's X1 were 37568/9, 37572/3/6/9 and B7 37158.
Congratulations to my mate John who has now qualified as an X1 driver, I spotted him on the two westbound services I saw today, the 13.50 & 17.50 from Lynn.

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