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Saturday 23rd July 2011 ~ Otherwise Engaged

With other business to deal with today, I was heavily reliant on 'First' contacts to help me out with what happened.
37576 was quickly sent off to Volvo today for attention to its Adblu problem. The expected return of 37577 has yet to materialise, but even with these absentees there was a chance for 37569 to have a well earned day off for deep cleaning and a service at Lynn, with 37158 once again being spare at Lowestoft.
There was only one change to the advertised script when 37563 which had been working L8, had to be swapped tonight at Lynn for unscheduled cleaning. 37566 off Y7 came to the rescue. K3 was yet again worked by Profile 20352.

Taken from 37563 on L8, here is 37565 at the James Paget Hospital on L10 heading eastbound. The reflections are difficult to avoid through the glass. Thanks to Des Speed for this picture.

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