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Monday July 4th 2011 ~ Running Repairs

This week looks like being a busy one for the Volvo man. Various B9s are allocated to be repaired including 37570 today and 37157 tomorrow. In addition the programme to carry out gearbox modifications continues. 37575 arrived back at Lynn today with 37571 going the other way to Volvo.

On the road 37579 was in trouble at lunchtime when a broken water pump belt forced it to overheat at Eye. The turn was K15. I'm not sure if it was able to continue on this turn and it is possible that 37575 replaced it. Meanwhile K2 had 37566 removed at Lynn at 15.40 with another B9 - possibly a repaired 37579 ? working forward.
37159 was spare at Lowestoft and worked the 09.40 ex Norwich and 12.08 outward X2 services.
My last day of holiday and it is back to the opticians tomorrow !

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