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Thursday 21st July 2011 ~ Secretive Buses

All seemed to be going well from my vantage point at work today with all X1 diagrams being seen, however, something odd happened mid morning - I saw 37564 come back from Peterborough on Y7 at 10.57 (about 7 late - it had been on time going across), but then nothing from Peterborough until 12.54.
L8 and Y9 certainly see  to have taken an alternative route, not sure about L10 as I was elsewhere when that should have passed.
Doreen was waiting for Y9 and took it from Wisbech to Lynn (37566) : "It was that driver who shouted at me a few weeks back - and he shouted at me again !" she says. 37156 was unusual on Y6 today, it was over 10 minutes late on the 09.35 from Peterborough and still raises eyebrows with its noisy fan.
This was the worst delay noted today though and most buses were just a few minutes behind time.
To enable servicing of 37567 and 20352 to take place there were vehicle swaps involving K3 and K4. 37568 had its MOT today and 37158 was kept at Lowestoft.
Malcolm reports seeing President 32202 on the 09.40 X2 ex Norwich, but by this afternoon it was on a Bernard Matthews contract.

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