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Sunday 14th December 2008 ~ Catch Up Time

Been rather busy this weekend, but here is a brief report on recent events :


Things went pear shaped from about 09.30 at Lynn according to Jason and there were plenty of B10s out, some just filling in on trips to Peterborough and back, while others were out for much of the day. Known workings are 20103 on X2, 20104 K18, 20105 Hunstanton number 4 contract (failed at Smithdon High School with fuel leak), 20107 K1 07.48 P'bo - Lft, K6 13.55 Lft - P'bo and 18.18 return, 20109 K20a (Lynn - Nor & return), Hunstanton services, 20111 K19a (start of X2 turn) then returned on X1 to P'bo and back as far as Lynn, 20118 Hunstanton services, Vancouver Avenue repairs, 20121 Hunstanton services, 20127 X1 shuttles (thanks Grahame and Sam) and 20131 did an X1 Lynn - P'bo and return.
The buses sent out from Lynn this morning in addition to the coaches above were : K2 37570, K3 20351, K4 37577, K5 37564, K6 37568, K15 37575, K16 37565 and K17 20353, Other sightings were Y14 12.48 ex P'bo 37571 running 15 late, 37578 on L12 11.48 ex P'bo just 6 late. Tonight 37572 was seen arriving at Rowan Road at 19.40 while 37576 arrived on Y21. Terence saw K7 with 37579 running 40 late at Gorleston at lunchtime. 20117 was at Rowan Road having had its final mileage as an FEC vehicle, mileage reading was 359342 incidentally.

Some important movements today including the departure of 20117, 20502 & 20503 to Scotland. 20141 arrived back at King's Lynn from Norwich with an air leak and suspension fault after rail replacement work. Other out of service vehicles today were 20120 which is officially described as 'audit repairs' involving gearbox oil temperature investigation. 20352 awaiting an oil cooler at Rowan Road and 20105 with a hydraulic pump leak. Various B10s were once again out on Hunstanton services including 20109/11/18/21. The morning departures from Lynn were all B9 Geminis apart from B7s 20351/3. John remarks that the driver changes at lynn seem to take longer with the B9s than with the coaches, perhaps due to the new technology ?

Noted at Rowan Road tonight were 37569/71/73 with 20505/6 (the last two remaining Paragons) and 20118/31/41/352. At Vancouver Avenue were 37570, 20107/09/11 and 20351/3.
There was a very keen driver on the X1 this afternoon/evening. On the 15.19 eastbound from Walpole Highway he was 3 early with an unidentified B9. On the 18.18 ex P'bo with 37577 he arrived at Wisbech at 19.01 departing at 19.02 (3 x 7 early !) and Bruce reported the 23.19 back to Lynn passing him at 23.12 (7 early). In contrast 37572 was 12 late arriving Wisbech on the 19.31 to Peterborough.

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