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Thursday 11th December 2008 ~ What number was that ?

Today began well with K1 07.48 ex Peterborough less than five late leaving Wisbech with 37565. Bruce reported a B10M on the 08.59 Lynn - Peterborough, but this wasn't positively identified until this evening when I passed 20103 on the 19.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft.
Bruce paid a visit to Rowan Road today where 20502/3 are now ready for departure and 20505 was expected to arrive today from Yarmouth Volvo. 20117 is also ready now, but still appears to be in use on Hunstanton schools work. It would appear that 20114 went north earlier than anticipated because of a brake fault on 20508, which duly went eventually with 20119. 20352 was another coach at Rowan Road today.
At lunchtime I saw 20105 about 15 late on L13 12.18 ex Peterborough and this now seems to be the favourite turn to get a B10M - possibly because of its evening trip to Hunstanton. 37578 was seen on K16 about 9 late and Y14 12.48 ex P'bo was 31 late arriving at Wisbech with 37575. In days gone by when this turn ran very late, the coaches had made up all the lost time by the evening, but tonight 575 was still 17 late going to Peterborough on the 20.59 ex Lynn.
Another late running award went to the 15.48 Peterborough - Yarmouth (K5) which with 37566 was seen departing Wisbech 29 late at 17.08. Coming westbound were K4 24 late with 37571 and K6 just ten late with a Gemini whose number I've manged to forget completely ! Tonight 37573 was seen on K20 20.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft on time. Terence reports 37579 at Gorleston this morning on what was probably K15 and he also saw an unidentified B7 Profile at about 17.15 in the same area. Even though the traffic lights on Cromwell Road in Wisbech are now phasing correctly, very few drivers are running to the booked route and almost all X1s are still using Churchill Road (A1101).
After my rant yesterday Jim writes "Just one small point I feel, (no criticism intended here)when the B10M's were on the x94/794 they were only 9.6litres, yet when the Tigers were on there they were 11.1 litres and they couldn't keep to time I recall. The difference was their ratios I was told, yet the Tigers 26/27 were used by York/Essex on their fast service.
The Geminis are, if i may correct 9.4litre just for the record, and there is very little difference in their weights if you notice. I know I'm harping on about this but it's that 62mph they are not using, 6mph handicap can make a lot of difference to time keeping also,at least the driver can work accordingly then. Lowestoft ought to give those Royale's/Palatines a go they will do 60 or should do,no bother. Keep the good work up on the blog it's brill.." Flattery will get you everywhere Jim ! Thanks for the interesting points that you make, I wonder if we will see the Royales get an outing occasionally - are they tacho fitted does anyone know ? How about the incoming Tridents too, are they just intended for town routes ?

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