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Tuesday 9th December 2008 ~ The Elephants Came In Two by Two

Well first the good news for us fans of the old and reliable. 20107 did L13 today, that's the 07.45 ex Lowestoft and 12.18 ex Peterborough. It also appears to have come back tonight as booked. Hopes were raised at lunchtime when 34825 was seen on the lunchtime part of K19 at Beccles, but 20104 had taken over this evening. Michael confirms that the last part of K19 last night was 37568. John says 20109/117 were on the Hunstanton routes this morning and 20118 then joined them off a schools turn. On schools also was 20121. Tonight 20118 had another run out on the X1 when it was noted entering Wisbech 15 late on K6 16.59 ex Lynn instead of 37573. Sam saw 20103 on the X2 today, but it wasn't smoking this time thank goodness.

Timekeeping during the morning was better than yesterday, but John says services arriving at Lynn from Peterborough were on average 25 late. Congestion coming into Lynn must have been bad as K1 07.48 ex Peterborough passed me with 37571 just 5 late leaving Wisbech, but was 25 late arriving at Lynn, similarly the previous service (K7) was seen by Bruce 5 late with 37568 but was 28 late into Lynn.
Tonight the 16.31 departure from Wisbech to Peterborough (K2) arrived at 17.06 with 37576 and was followed about 7 minutes later by 37565 on K4. In the opposite direction things were worse. Jamie R arrived at Peterboro' bus station for K7 16.28 to Lowestoft and it duly appeared about 5 late with 37568 (having made up time since this morning apparently). He thought it odd that there was only himself and another passenger to board, but what he didn't know was that he'd just missed K5 with 37579 running 30 late ! At Wisbech, 37579 arrived via the A1101 at 17.23 (49 late) and 37568 was 4 minutes behind but arrived via the normal route. The chances of 568 overtaking well loaded 579 before Lynn seemed very high. Rob H noted three X1s running eastbound in quick succession tonight, so may be K1 was not far behind either.
The temporary lights at Wisbech may be going soon and are to be replaced by permanent traffic lights at the Lidl supermarket junction !

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