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Friday 13th November 2009 ~ An Elephantine Effort

An all low floor service almost came to fruition this morning, spoiled in the nicest possible way by 20107 on K2. Commencing with the 08.48 from Wisbech to Peterborough (Y6 with 37569) every service was B9 worked until 107 took the 16.18 westbound. 37159 then took K3, 37570 K4 and 37160 K5. The day finished with two more replacements though. 37159 was unable to continue on K3 at some point and 20106 turned up on the 16.15 Lynn - Peterborough, while 34108 made a welcome return on Y9 tonight having replaced 37564 at Lowestoft, the latter requiring a service.
Bruce reports some strange goings on this morning : L8 which is due to pass Walpole Highway westbound at 09.33 didn't appear, although it did go past his vantage point on the return trip 9 minutes late at 11.45 with 37568. In contrast, L10 due through at 10.33 went by three minutes early with 37567 trying to break some records. By this evening there were some delays as expected and 20106 on K3 was 20 late from Wisbech going west and 37570 following on K4 was 26 late passing the B198 roadworks.

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