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Friday November 6th 2009 ~ Was Today Really a Friday ?

Today has to be one of the most successful Friday's in 2009 for the X1 operators. Sixteen B9 Geminis out for the second day running and the remaining three turns were K2 : 20127, L11 34108 and K17 37160. Bruce phoned me to say he was amazed by the excellent timekeeping too. Y13 is notorious for Friday delays, but today was on time in both directions with a certain blonde haired lady at the helm of 37575. It wasn't until late afternoon that delays really became apparent, although K14 13.35 from Peterborough was 14 late with 37563. 37576 on K3 was seen trying to get out of Wisbech Horsefair at 17.08 (20 late) and K4 following was about 15 late with 37568. This evening I saw L12 with 37567 passing Walpole 1 early at 21.07 and the corresponding eastbound service with 37570 conveyed Mr. Robinson and was just 2 minutes down. Next week a large proportion of the B9s will require safety services, so whether the current trend will continue remains to be seen.

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Sam Wickham said...

Well it if keeps on like this it will be boring! All we need now is 37571 to come home and 37156/7 to be allocated somewhere east!