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Monday 9th November 2009 ~ No News Is Good News ?

The X1 continues to take a diversion near Wisbech due to the improvement of the flood defences on South Brink. Here 37575 heads down Weasenham Lane with the 15.22 departure from Wisbech on Sunday afternoon.

Not sure about the wisdom of that header actually ! The colder weather once again saw 16 B9s working today and without incident too. Excellent for those in charge, but it doesn't make for a very interesting blog lol. 20107 was today's sole B10M involved on the X1, the 'beast' did K4, but Michael B did see 20127 working off Lowestoft on the 12.08 X2 to Norwich. Bruce's Big Beautiful Bus (aka BBBB), 34108 was in action on Y13 after a day off yesterday. B7 37160 was the other stand in and this did K17.

By far the most exciting thing to happen today was the arrival of an email from Peter R about the B198 roadworks. Peter contacted NCC and the official reply is copied here :

"Thank you for your interest in the works being carried out on the B198 at Walsoken. The works are for the installation of a roundabout at the junction of the Walpole Highway Rd to provide a safer environment and reducing accidents at this location. Works are due to be completed prior to the christmas closedown. The works are being carried out by the Councils in-house workforce at a cost of approximately £100,000".

So a roundabout it is then and a big sigh of relief from us locals. This was the junction where 20142 came to grief a couple of years back and is one of Norfolk's major accident blackspots. Thanks to Peter for taking the trouble to find out what was going on.

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