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Sunday 15th November 2009 ~ Beast to the rescue

The usual crop of B9s were in evidence today, but there was a couple of unexpected twists. Royale 34108 made a rare Sunday appearance working Y4 07.30 from Great Yarmouth. this turn finishes with the 20.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft which it also worked. 37565/576 were on the other two Yarmouth turns. 20107 was a surprise on the 09.48 from Lowestoft, it did L12 yesterday and this normally goes empty to Yarmouth. there is though a possibility that 107 came on at Yarmouth replacing a defctive B9, as it was in excess of 20 late going west at Wisbech. By this evening it had regained all the lost time and made a rather sad sight heading off on the 21.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough with an unlit destination screen.
Timekeeping from the coast was poor today. Rob Brooks reported 37568 arriving at Peterborough 12 late for the 16.10 to Lowestoft and 37577 on the 17.10 was around 15 late arriving. Rob says 568 sounds noisier than the other B9s - could be because it is the second highest mileage one. The king of the B9s, 37564 has now done over 126,000 miles. In contrast, the B7 mileages are currently : 37158 136,500 ; 37159 121,400 and 37160 135,000.
Regarding 20104, it remains dumped at Rowan Road parked in front of 20123 which may yet be re-examined to see if it can be returned to service.

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