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Tuesday November 3rd 2009 ~ Invisible Buses

There appears to have been some sort of incident between Wisbech and Peterborough this morning which caused a fair amount of disruption to punctuality. Bruce reports 37565 on K2 a fraction early for the 08.31 Walpole Highway to Lowestoft. The next eastbound service after this is due at 09.06. This turned up 22 late with 37575, things then got worse with K4 due at 09.36 running 33 minutes late and K5 & Y6 10.06 & 10.36 not appearing at all ! Both 37160 & 37569 (for twas they) must have done a runner down the bypass to make up time. Normality resumed with 20104 on the 11.06 (Y7) which was on time. By lunchtime, services were within around 5 minutes of the timetable, but L11 with an unidentified B9 was 14 late. Somehow the vehicles on Y6 and L11 were swapped today and 37569 and 37566 had changed places by this evening. Quite how this took place is a mystery. One other B10M graced the X1 and this was the Beast, 20107, on K1. Sam reported 20103 getting a rare day off from X1 duties and it was seen departing Norwich on the 10.08 to Lowestoft via Beccles. B7 37159 is still receiving attention at Volvo and with 37158 being kept back for local duties at King's Lynn, 37160 was the sole B7 on the X1 today.

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