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Saturday 14th November 2009 ~ R.I.P. 103 AND 104

In driving rain and blustery conditions, 37575 passes Walpole on the 12.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft (L11) today.

If you take a look at the blog for 4th November, you'll see a picture of 20103/4 resting in Vancouver Avenue. Little did I think that within a fortnight both would have been withdrawn ! 103 as reported previously expired on Wednesday with a blown engine, while 104 was examined at King's Lynn on Tuesday, its problem was an air bag gone affecting the suspension. Turns out that the chassis on 104 was so badly rotted that it wasn't worth repairing. So quite sad news, however, 20107 was still in action today working L12, the out and back turn from Lowestoft.

The B9s continue to have a settled spell. 37563 had a day off for servicing at Lowestoft and 37570 was taken off Y7 at Lynn with 37158 working forward at 08.45 to Peterborough.

B7s 37159 & 37160 were out on two of the old Profile turns, K5 and K3. Finally 34108 was used on K1 which finishes at Great Yarmouth.

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