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Wednesday 18th November 2009 ~ B7 On The Bypass !

Bruce kept an eye on things today as I was yet again posted off to South Lincs. I did call in to see him on the way to work though and we witnessed K2 purring by with everyone's favourite stand-in, Royale 34108 and going the other way Y6 with 37572.
The congestion caused by roadworks at Peterborough continues to have a detrimental effect on punctuality during the morning peak and K3, K4 and K5 are the worst affected services. These leave Queensgate at 08.14, 08.44 and 09.14. This morning K3 was seven late at Walpole Highway with 37578, K4 was 24 late with 20107 and K5 was at least 10 late with 37575.
Recent observations suggest that the restricted maximum speed of the B7s is a handicap when services are delayed. They generally run 5 to 10 minutes behind schedule. There were some odd goings on today, the service ran well until K14 had passed Bruce on time with 37566, but then things went decidedly pear shaped. K15 failed to appear at all, but 37563 on K16 was only 3 late. K17 had B7 37158 and was 19 late and just before this appeared, 37160 was sighted heading down the A47 bypass at 14.09 towards Wisbech. This then turned up on K15 which had obviously restarted at Wisbech at 14.26 to head back to Lowestoft. Nevertheless, it was 6 minutes late by the time it passed Walpole eastbound. It is possible that Gemini 37576 did the early part of K15 before retiring for a service, but why K15 was cancelled at Lynn at 12.45 is unknown.
There seemed to have been some role reversal next when K18 which overnights at Yarmouth passed by with 37159 almost on time and then K19 - a solid Lynn B9 turn produced 37564. 37159 was the first B7 to overnight at the coast for over a month and a tight rein seems to be kept on these by King's Lynn.

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