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Monday 16th November 2009 ~ 18/19 The Dominance Grows

37566 sweeps past Bruce's observatory at Walpole Highway this lunchtime. It was working K16 09.55 Lowestoft - Peterborough. This turn starts the day at King's Lynn at 06.22 and finishes at Lowestoft on arrival with the 14.35 from Peterborough.

Yes 18 consecutive turns were low floor double deckers today. Only K1 with 20107 relieved the tedium and this had a minor spot of bother this morning, when a fitter had to be summoned to Narborough to fix an errant windscreen wiper. Undeterred, the Beast was back later on and ended up at Yarmouth tonight.
It is confirmed that 37159 has returned from Volvo without modification to its maximum speed. Despite the best efforts of Volvo engineers, the necessary work was not possible and a 50mph max remains. I had thought that this work had already been carried out and it may explain why K3 with 37159 was 23 late going to Lowestoft this morning, 37564 following on K4 was on time and 37160 on K5 was then 17 late. Services settled a bit after this, but L11 with 37574 was 18 late through Walpole (due 13.06).
The Dennis Trident under repair at King's Lynn is destined to return to Norwich on completion and the plan at the moment is to then send either 37156 or 37157 to Lowestoft for X1 use. There is still no further news on 20500/1, but the three Profiles are now at work in Essex on the Clacton to Stansted link.
It is surely just a matter of time now before we get a day where all 19 workings get either B9 or B7 Geminis ?

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