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Saturday 31st October 2009 ~ Do The Shuffle

In time honoured fashion, the end of October has seen some vehicle reallocations. These don't seem to directly affect the X1 service, but the arrival of 20500/1 is still awaited. It is believed that they will be King's Lynn allocated and primarily used for Rail replacement contracts. The fact that they are to retain their white livery also suggests that use on the X1 will not be out of the question. Locally King's Lynn is losing its miniature Darts in exchange for the troublesome longer length ones in the 434xx series.
There seemed to be a number of changes to duties today. Dealing with them chronologically, K1 began the day with 20104 but finished with 37577. The swap is thought to have occurred at Lynn at 08.30. K4 started with 'Beast' 20107 but by the time it arrived at Norwich this turn was 20104, again indicating a Lynn changeover, this time at 10.00. half an hour later a further change took place, K5 arriving with 37158 and most unusually going forward with 20107. This turn finishes at Lynn at 20.00 but 20107 was conspicuous by its absence there at 20.30. What was seen at 20.30 was Y6 arriving with 37570 flashing up fault indicators and this was replaced by 37563 which had come in at 20.00 on L11. The problem with 570 it seems was a faulty bank of lights and low fuel. Late running in the middle of the day saw Y13 13.05 from Peterborough 25 minutes late at Walpole with 20103.

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