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Wednesday 11th November 2009 ~ A Joint Effort

Today was a joint effort observation wise between Bruce this morning and me this evening. Tomorrow Bruce is otherwise engaged - all part of running a busy farm, so possibly a truncated version of events tomorrow. Anyone with obs tomorrow, your info will be gratefully received as always.
Both 37158 and 37160 were in use on the X1 today on K17 and K3 respectively. Tonight they were joined at King's Lynn by the long awaited arrival back of 37159. 14th October was the last occasion that all three B7s were out on the route. 20104 appears to be repaired now and looks set to return to service tomorrow. 20107 was seen by Michael B on the 11.08 Lowestoft - Norwich X2, while 34108 was in charge of Y6 which ends at Lowestoft.
At some point during the day it looks like 37566 was removed from K4 at King's Lynn for repairs to a water leak and it is possible that a B10M filled in on a trip to Peterborough and back in its place.

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