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Tuesday 24th November 2009 ~ B9s On The Mend

37563 is fuelled and washed at King's Lynn tonight after arrival on Y9, while 37562 (FJ08FYN - not EYN as reported yesterday !), running minus fleet numbers has already been put to bed off Y7. The loan vehicle is rumoured to become a permanent transfer, but it has only 31,208 miles on its hub meter so if this is from new it has had a quiet life so far. It has an advert on the drivers side for a movie which came out in January of this year which would also suggest it has spent some time off the road.
Rob Brooks took this picture of B7 37160 working K17 on Monday of this week, it is seen on the diversionary route in Weasenham Lane, Wisbech.

A week ago it was hard to find stuff to fill the blog - now it has gone crazy again ! Stopped at Bruce's at breakfast time and the two regular stand ins virtually passed each other outside, 34108 on Y6 and 20107 on K2. We'd been vigilant hoping to see the loaned 37562, but in the event this did Y7 which brought it in to King's Lynn for an early bath at 18.15, still running with 'First Manchester' on the front, but with a card on the dashboard proclaiming 'X1'.
37567 had a funny day, presumably after servicing it was spotted by Sam on the X2, but later it worked L8 15.25 to Peterborough. This had come in with 37569. Earlier Sam had seen 37574 (which worked K3) shut down in Norwich bus station and with a blank destination, however, it was back at King's Lynn tonight.

Lynn turned out 20109 for K4 this morning, possibly because of some malady affecting 60863, but by this evening it had been replaced by 37566. 109 was 14 late returning from Peterborough this morning. Services then seemed to run to within 10 minutes of time until L11 failed to produce at 11.03 at Walpole Highway. A Bruce vigil followed and he was rewarded with 37576 passing at 11.35/36 followed 7 seconds later by B10M 20118 with a full load ! These returned in reverse at 13.32 and 13.40 respectively. 37570 which 20118 seemed to have replaced at Lynn then came along on Y13 on which 37566 had worked as far as Lynn - yes I know very confusing isn't it ? Even more so because Grahame says 37566 was at Yarmouth for MOT.

In order to get things back on track, there were two further swaps at Lynn this afternoon. 20118 came off L11 (or was it L12 !) and 37565 was taken off K14. The vehicles working forward are thought to have been 37568 with new functioning driver's seat (see yesterday) and 60863. L11 is believed to have gone forward with 60863 as tonight this turn came back to Lynn with 37564 which had failed at Yarmouth on Friday afternoon, so it was simply a case of changing vehicles at Yarmouth. ........and that's all there is to it !
Adding to today's surprises the three B7s were allocated as follows : 37158 K5, 37159 K18 (finishes Yarmouth) and 37160 K16 (finishes Lowestoft).

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