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Wednesday 4th November 2009 ~ What A Morning !

Apologies for yet another B10M photo. This is 104 and 103 at Vancouver Avenue on Sunday evening.
Things began quite normally this morning - thanks to Bruce for the observations as I was away again - K1 had 37569, K2 37572 and K3 37576 the latter two services just 4 minutes late, but going west it was a different story. Y6 failed to appear and Y7 with 20106 was 2 minutes early. Westbound services then ran approximately 10 minutes late for the remainder of the morning. After seeing 37576 on K3 heading for Lowestoft, K4 was next but was 26 minutes late with 20105 which is normally employed on schools services. Even more of a surprise then when 37575 which was due on K5 never arrived and the next eastbound sighting was another school bus, 20118 running as Y6 just 2 minutes late. 20107 had actually come over from Yarmouth on Y6 but was unable to continue and 20118 must have done a Walpole bypass move to save time. On arrival at Lynn, I think 20104 relieved 20118 at 11.02 but this afternoon Y6 came back west with 37566, the fourth vehicle on this turn today.

K4 changed vehicles at King's Lynn at 10.02 with 20105 coming off so that it could do its afternoon schools turn and a revived 20107 working forward. What exactly did the three Hunstanton schools turns this morning is a mystery, but 20121 did one of them and probably 20118 did one before dashing out on Y6 to Peterborough.

Amongst other things of note today were the reappearance of Royale 34108 on L12 (20103 had been expected) and 37564 on K18 came back on K19, so 37578 on K19 either stayed at Lowestoft or itself became K18 as sometimes happens due to late running where one diagram overtakes another. There was confirmation today of fuel problems with 37573 and this kept it out of action today. 37158 was out on the 43s at Lynn while 37160 did K17.

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