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Thursday November 5th 2009 ~ Sweet Sixteen

Gemini 37574 is still about the most reliable B9. it worked K15 today and is seen near Walsoken at lunchtime.
Thanks to Jamie Vendy for sending this picture of Royale 34108 at Queensgate today on K16 14.35 to Gorleston James Paget Hospital. The destination shown is thus a little inaccurate, but near enough I suppose. Note the rather uninspiring advert warning about the dangers of excessive salt consumption !

Jamie also captured this nice view of a rather tidy 37160 at Queensgate on K17 15.05 to Lowestoft

All sixteen regular Gemini B9s were out on the X1 at some stage today, which is a pretty rare phenomenon these days. 37573 spent most of the day at King's Lynn garage being attended to by Volvo staff and was declared fit to work the 16.45 X1 to Peterborough on which it replaced B10M coach 20106 which was on the turn. There are two corrections to report from yesterday. Firstly 20118 worked throughout on the 09.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft and remained there. Surprisingly it didn't return today either. 37564 which I said had jumped turns from K18 to K19 hadn't. K18 was merely running very late.

Oddities today were 34108 on K16, 37160 on K17 and B10Ms 20107 & 20127 which worked the first and second parts of Y7 respectively. Sam says "Saw 20127 leaving for Lynn on Y7, 20126 was on 878 contracts once again. 20107 did the 15:38 Low - Nor X2". Ah so that's where it got to Sam. Michael Bryant reports 20127 on the 10.08 X2 from Lowestoft and 20103 on the 12.08, so that's three coaches on this service today which is quite an unusual event these days. Just a thought but I suppose 20127 could have replaced 20118 en route yesterday which would explain where it came from. One coach not working today was 20104 which has been at Rowan Road since yesterday with a partial suspension failure.

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