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Saturday 21st November 2009 ~ The Text Revolution

I can never quite get over the fact that some ten years ago, text messaging would have been unknown and going back a further ten, mobile phones likewise. This morning I had texts from Jamie R, Rob B & Peter all confirming the use of Royale 34108 on Y7, the 06.10 Yarmouth - Peterborough and 10.05 return to Lowestoft. Thanks guys. I was at Long Sutton so saw nothing until teatime. The short out and back turn from Lowestoft was spotted by Bruce with 20107, but it was last night that interesting things happened.
Des reported an ailing Gemini broken down near Yarmouth and this is believed to have been the normally ultra reliable 37564 on Y6. The B7 37158 presumably came to rescue the passengers, but 564 was still in situ at 16.45. There was more trouble to come, when 37572 on K15 was damaged by another vehicle and taken out of service. As K18 this morning was the Yarmouth 'emergency X1' vehicle 60863, I am assuming it was this which took over on K15. 37572 had reached Rowan Road this evening with a nasty scrape down the drivers side. it is assigned to visit 'Full Circle' on Monday. If 37564 & 37572 remain out of traffic for a while, next week could be interesting.
Michael Bryant reports 20107 on the X2 yesterday afternoon, so it is thought that 37566 did the second part of this. Today 37566 was relegated to work on the X2 and it did the 09.38 and 13.08 departures from Lowestoft. Michael also confirms that 20103 is withdrawn at Lowestoft depot and has already lost some panels.

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