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Friday 5th June 2009 ~ Well Done 105

20105 has spent eight out of the last nine days on X1 duty. It had a day off last Sunday but has otherwise performed faultlessly and this from a coach which was transferred to Lynn a few years ago with the intention of it just working the old Shipdham turn. This week the trusty B10M has done K3 every day except Monday when it did K5. Both these turns often get a B7 but it is almost unknown for one of them to work all week. Incidentally 105 can be identified quite easily from a distance as it has the Excel lettering lower on the bodyside than the other coaches. It wasn't the only B10M out today of course. 20103 went flying past Bruce and myself on K4 this morning about a minute late with Blondie at the controls, prior to this Rob Brooks had seen her running about 5 late the other side of Wisbech.and 20118 was out yet again, this time on K18 so it should spend overnight at Yarmouth. King's Lynn sent 20351 out on K5 today and 20352 did K16 which ends up at Lowestoft. In contrast, 20104 was on a Bernard Matthews contract this afternoon and was seen by Michael. 20109/31 were two of the Hunstanton schools vehicles, but 20106/123 were not seen. It is just possible that one of them took over from 37579 on K19 as this had a smashed destination window. 106 hasn't worked on the X1 since January and 20123 has yet to appear since its return to Lynn. The only other bus which may have replaced 579 is 572 which was reported as ready for collection from Volvo, in which case it may have gone straight on to K19 if it was fetched this afternoon. 37568 was unusually over the pits at Vancouver Avenue tonight after arrival on Y7, so it may need some attention.
For a Friday, most services were quite punctual, in fact Rob reports 37576 running about 5 early at Guyhirn on the 20.10 from Peterborough. Latest service seen was L11 at lunchtime which Bruce says was about 20 late going east. Rob also reports that at last the revised timetables have appeared at Wisbech bus station. 37578 remained at Rowan Road today awaiting seatbelts. Ironically it has a new advert on the side for a film called 'Hangover'. 37565 retains the original Nokia advert with the blue background when seen this evening.

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