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Tuesday 16th June 2009 ~ Six Again

Who really would have thought that after the blaze of publicity for the 'Geminis' and the unceremonious dumping of the B12 coaches last Winter, that now 'Wimbledon' would be approaching and every available B10M would be commandeered to frontline service ?
This anyway would appear to be the case. Michael phoned this evening and said that it had been an unusually diverse day on the X2 with 37565 of all things on the old K19 turn as well as 20103 and 20123 in action. On the X1 B10Ms were equally prominent. Today's list is 20104 on K18, 20105 (surely an award winner ?) on K5, 20106 on K3, 20115 on Y13, 20118 working L10 forward from Lynn this morning after the incoming vehicle (believed to be 37577) was removed and not to be outdone, 20127 on K2.
Of the B7s, 20351 did L12 which ran 14 minutes late past Bruce to Peterborough and 20352 was K17. As previously advised, 20353 is having an MOT this week. 37569 reappeared today on L11 complete with the 'Public Enemies' ad. Bruce oversaw this morning's activities and says :
Well the Blog Meister has had to go to a funeral so its my head on the chopping block again
Assembled for my entertainment this morning were:
K19 with 37572, K2 with 20127, K3 with 20106, K4 with 37564, K5 with 20105, Y6 with 37567, Y7 with 37576, L8 with 37573, Y9 with 37568, L10 with 20118, L11 with 37569, L12 with 20351 (14 late) and finally Y13 with 20115.
Other than L12, westbound time keeping has been spot on !

Many thanks to Bruce and all my usual contacts for keeping things going in my absence. the late blog this evening is due to PC probs at this end.

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